Rifle Target Shooting

Rifle target shooting is available for members and non-members.  We have four purpose built ranges to accommodate various target shooting disciplines.  Our ranges are suitable for both rimfire and centrefire rifles.

We have rifle ranges covering distances from 10m to 100m and can accommodate up to 60 firing points simultaneously. Each year we run a Club League which includes various disciplines and we also take part in the GRPAI and NRBAI National Competition schedules.

Our Rifle Shooting Facilities include:

Range 1
10m, 15m, 20m, 25m & 50m firing distances with a total of 24 firing points.  This range is mostly used for Gallery Rifle & Pistol shooting.  The Target Line is now fitted with turning targets to meet international competition standards.

Range 2
Typically used for Benchrest shooting and has 20 firing points at a distance of 50m.  Sheltered and with wheelchair access.  This range caters for .22 rimfire rifles.

Range 3
10m, 15m, 20m & 25m firing distances available with a total of 16 firing points. The 25m firing point is sheltered. Exclusively used for Gallery Rifle & Pistol shooting.  Wheelchair accessible.

Range 4
Our newly constructed 100m rifle range is now open catering for all calibres from .22 to .308.

Gallery Rifle Target Shooting

Gallery Rifle shooting consists of a range of disciplines in which rifles are shot from the shoulder at various distances from 10m to 50m.  Some competitions involve shooting from different positions including sitting, kneeling and standing and some of the more advanced disciplines also include shooting from both the strong and weak shoulders.  Certain competitions require precision style shooting while others require the competitor to shoot and reload quickly within specified times.

Gallery Rifle is subdivided into:

Smallbore Gallery Rifle (GRSB) is for semi-automatic rifles chambered in .22LR ammunition.  The most common make of smallbore rifle used in Gallery Rifle competition in Ireland is the Ruger 10/22.

Centrefire Gallery Rifle (GRCF) is for lever action rifles chambered in pistol calibres.  The most common calibres used are .38 & .44 and the most common rifles used are the Marlin 1894 and Rossi 92.  These rifles are deemed restricted by legislation and can be licenced to individual persons only.

For further details on Gallery Rifle competitions please visit the website of the Gallery Rifle & Pistol Association of Ireland (GRPAI).

Benchrest Rifle Target Shooting

Benchrest Rifle shooting involves shooting at a fixed target from a seated position with the rifle resting on a bench.

The NRBAI run Rimfire Benchrest Rifle competitions for rifles chambered for .22LR ammunition. Competitions are shot at a distance of 50m and require a total of 50 shots – 25 shots on each of two targets.  You have a maximum time of 30 minutes per target in which time you must take 25 scoring shots and you can also take unlimited sighting shots.

For further details on Benchrest competitions please visit the website of the National Rimfire Benchrest Association of Ireland (NRBAI).

In addition to competition target shooting using .22LR calibre rifles, Harbour House is also authorised for the use of all rifles up to .308 calibre. Many of our members enjoy regular shooting using a variety of calibres including .223, .308 and various types of Classic rifles including Lee Enfield .303 rifles.


All new members are required to attend a compulsory Safety Briefing prior to taking part in Rifle shooting. We provide a Free Safety Briefing on the last Saturday of each month.  We also offer tuition and our experienced members will be happy to offer on-going guidance where required.

A Rifle Training course is also available and is highly recommended to all members who are interested in taking up Rifle shooting.

For further information please contact info@habourhouse.ie