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About Us

Our Aim is to improve your Aim

Irelands premier facility for shooting sports.
Rifle, pistol, clay pigeon shooting and Archery.
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A little about us…..

Harbour House sports club has been around in one for or another since the late 1950’s. We maintain and run one of the best shooting ranges in the country. We offer the opportunity for individuals and groups to participate in the sport of Rifle, Shotgun, Target pistol and Archery in a safe and controlled environment.

Harbour House Sports Club…

is a family run club. Our existing Instructors / Range Officers and members, pride ourselves on the friendly welcoming atmosphere you will experience at our club, upon your arrival and throughout your time with us. Our dedication to the promotion of Target Sports in Ireland has enabled us to create one of the finest target shooting facilities in the country. Complimentary tea and coffee are always available in the warm surroundings of our large clubhouse. Feel free to contact us. Our members, range officers and instructors are always on hand for advise and tuition.


Harbour House Sports Club

Our instructors will provide you with safety training, procedures,
and the correct handling of your preferred target firearm