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Target Pistol Shooting

Welcome to our Target Pistol Page


Harbour House – Target Pistol Shooting


Pistol target shooting is available for members only.  Two of our ranges are suitable for various pistol target shooting disciplines. Our ranges are suitable for both rimfire and centrefire pistols.

For pistol shooting, our ranges are certified for distances from 10m to 25m and can accommodate up to 40 firing points simultaneously.


Pistol Types

Smallbore Pistols (or rimfire pistols) consist of semi-automatic pistols or revolvers chambered in .22LR ammunition.  Under Irish firearms legislation such pistols must have a maximum magazine capacity of 5 rounds.  Popular examples of such pistols include Hammerli X-Esse, Ruger and Smith & Wesson Model 41 & Model 22A.

Centrefire Pistols consist of semi-automatic pistols or revolvers chambered in higher calibres such as 9mm, .40 or .357.  In Ireland no new licence applications can be made for centrefire pistols since 2009 therefore there can be no new entrants into the sport of Centrefire Pistol shooting.  Any new entrants to Pistol shooting may only use Smallbore Pistols.




All new members are required to attend a compulsory Safety Briefing prior to taking part in Pistol shooting.  We provide a Free Safety Briefing each month.  

A one day Introduction to Pistol Shooting Training course is also available and is highly recommended to all members who are interested in taking up Pistol shooting.

For further information please contact us below